I am currently teaching a writing seminar based on the theme of “American Intellectuals.” A course description is available here.


In Fall 2015, I taught two classes: one on “Existentialism in Global Literature and Film” and one “Art and Politics.” In the existentialism class, we are trying to understand what existentialism was, why it had such a pervasive global impact, and why some writers and film-makers are returning to its resources today.  In art and politics, we are trying to understand what it is like to live a political life, that is, how to connect our love, anger, mourning, friendship, endurance, patience, and mirth to civic engagement. Furthermore, we are asking what literature and film can teach us about these practices.

Syllabi: Art and Politics // Existentialism


In Fall 2014 at Rutgers I taught a course on “Buddhism and the Modern Novel.” The course looked at how Buddhism has appeared in 20th century literature in a variety of writers and contexts.

A syllabus is available here.


I have also done a number of works in Public Pedagogy. See my Projects Page.