Global Buddhism Project Update

My essay, “Buddhism between Worlds: Contested Liberations in Kipling, Salinger, and Head” has just been accepted for publication in Religion and Literature. This essay is part of my new book project, Fragments and Ruins: Buddhism in the World. The book traces how modern writers, artists, and thinkers around the world have engaged with Buddhism over the past century. It argues that while Buddhism remains a vague, utopian idea for many critics, the complexities of its worldly history have been central to the literary and artistic imaginations of modernity. Further, it suggests that Buddhism’s varied history should guide us to think more deeply about the relationship between theoretical advancements and the difficulty of their potential institutionalization. One essay (on Severo Sarduy) from this project is available on my publications page. Two more are forthcoming, including a brief theoretical reflection on the project in Politics/Letters. I also gave a presentation about my research into contemporary artists who work with fragmented sculptures of the Buddha while at the Fountainhead Residency in Miami. this past month.